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Monday Art Attack: Various Famous Characters by Jack Kirby and Michael Thibodeaux



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Monday Art Attack: TMNT by Mike Henderson

TMNT by Mike Henderson

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Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series Volume 1 Paperback Collection

TMNT Micro Vol 1Title: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series Volume 1 Paperback Collection

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Cost: $17.99

Storytellers: Brian Lynch (writer) with Franco Urru, Andy Kuhn, Valerio Schiti, and Ross Campbell (artists)

This Micro-Series collection contains four issues, each devoted to a single turtle. In the first story, Raphael and Casey Jones come across another mutant animal, a fox named Alopex, who may be more than she appears. In the second issue, Michelangelo ties to have fun on New Years Eve by attending a costume party…as himself, but ends up getting wrapped up in a museum heist. In the third tale, Donatello secretly attends a science conference and tries to protect a fellow scientist from the plans of Baxter Stockman. In the last story, Leonardo faces off against the entire Foot Clan looking for Splinter.

This collection is a very fast read, giving you very good tales involving each of the turtles on solo missions. I would have preferred that there was an overarching story that connected these issues, but seeing each turtle on their own is fun and interesting. Each issue features a different artist, and that artist’s style fits the turtle featured.  Other than an appearance by Casey Jones, Baxter Stockman and the Foot Clan, don’t expect to delve too much into ‘Turtles’ lore, which could be good for ‘Turtles’ newbies or someone who used to love the original cartoon, movie and toys and wants to reconnect with these ‘heroes-in-a-half-shell’.



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