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Review: Jack Kirby’s Galactic Bounty Hunters Paperback Collection

jack-kirbys-galactic-bounty-hunters-tpbTitle: Jack Kirby’s Galactic Bounty Hunters Paperback Collection

Publisher: Marvel Comics’ Icon Imprint

Cost: $19.99

Storytellers: Jack Kirby (concept), Lisa Kirby, Michael Thibodeaux, Steve Robertson and Richard French (developers and writers) with Michael Thibodeaux, Karl Kesel & Scott Hanna with Jack Kirby and Mike Royer (artists)

A love letter to Jack Kirby, this series focuses on Mainframe, a retired member of the Galactic Bounty Hunters who becomes a comic creator and starts a family. Jack Berkley is a famous comic creator, using his previous adventures with the GBH as fodder for his comic stories. When one of his former enemies seeks out Jack’s evidence on his mother, Jack’s son Garrett is kidnapped and whisked away on an intergalactic journey, learning that his father isn’t a “joke” and that he was once the hero Mainframe. Suiting up and getting his old team back together, Jack seeks out his captured son and goes all out in order to defeat Slugg and stop the evidence keeping Slugg’s mother in prison from being destroyed!

A very short synopsis, but one that sums up this amazing tale. While some of Kirby’s art is used in this collection, most of it is not Jack’s but the artists do an amazing job of coping his style and giving the whole trade a great feel. I wish this collection had been in hardcover, as that is my preferred way to collect trades, but just having this is great. I really love the Kirby esthetic, which includes his writing style, which this does a fine job of mimicking, and his character designs, with their unique costumes and color pallets. The story here is great, allowing all of the members of the GHB to shine and giving us some father-son realizations in the process. We even get a cameo from Captain Victory, which is amazing!

Each of the six collected issues is massive, allowing the story to breath. Also included is a bunch of art and interviews with the creators behind this collection, which adds more depth, if reading that stuff is your thing. All-in-all, what can I say, I’m a Jack Kirby fan and even though he didn’t writer or draw this entire collection, with his daughter at the helm, if fells as if he had!


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Drax Volume 1- The Galaxy’s Best Detective Paperback Collection

Drax Vol 1Title: Drax Volume 1- The Galaxy’s Best Detective Paperback Collection

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cost: $15.99

Storytellers: CM Punk and Cullen Bunn (writers) with Scott Hepburn (artist)

I’ve already reviewed most of this paperback collection here, as part of Marvel’s new Timely Comics line of introductory titles. That one-shot collected the first three issues of this series and this collection adds two more, giving us Drax #1-5.

This series focuses on Drax, the green-skinned mercenary from the Guardians of the Galaxy, and his adventures on his own. When the Guardians split to go their separate ways for a while, Drax decides to continue his quest to kill Thanos, the being responsible for killing his family. After borrowing a busted ship from Rocket, Drax finds himself stranded on a fringe planet with nothing to do. Teaming up with a local barkeep and the former herald of Galactus, Terrax, Drax must uncover a mystery that involves missing items and people, all of which somehow involves the dragon, Fin Fang Foom!

This collection is great! I really loved the story and can’t wait to see where our hero ends up next. The book is funny, serious and violent, and can definitely be picked up and enjoyed by those who have only seen the Guardians movie. The art is fantastic, having a cartoon-like quality to it. My only complaint is the price of this collection! Having already spent 3 bucks on Timely Comics one-shot, I felt that almost 16 dollars was way over priced for only 5 issues. I’ll admit to grabbing this one, for cheap, on Amazon, but only because I already own/read the first three issues. However, you you’re new to this series, this collection is a must, especially if you loved the character of Drax from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie!


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Review: Thor- For Asgard Hardcover Collection

Thor For Asgard HCTitle: Thor- For Asgard Hardcover Collection

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cost: $19.99

Storytellers: Robert Rodi (writer) with Simone Bianchi (artist)

Thor: For Asgard is a beautiful story of Norse mythology, telling the tale of sacrifice and responsibility. With Odin gone, traveling the Nine Realms to find an answer to the winter that plagues Asgard, Thor is the regent All-Father, setting aside his hammer in order to keep Asgard, and the Nine Realms in one piece. However, the signs of Ragnarok are upon the Norse Gods and it’s up to Thor to stop the Civil War among his people and find a way to the the gods to reclaim their immortality.

This is a very basic synopsis to the overall story, which I don’t want to spoil, as you should read this book. I love Thor, especially when a writer tackles the Norse God Thor and not the super-hero Thor. The story in this one is great, but it’s the art that steals the show, making this hardcover fantastic! Whether you love Marvel’s Thor or the mythological Thor, this book will not disappoint!


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Review: The Mighty Thor #6 & #7- The Strongest Viking There Is

The Mighty Thor #6The Mighty Thor #7Titles: The Mighty Thor #6 & #7

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cost: $3.99 each

Storytellers: Jason Aaron (writer) with Russell Dauterman (artist, present day) and Rafa Garres (artist, Viking era)

While working with his new ally in Roxxon Oil, Loki tells Dario Agger a story, from the age of Vikings! In The Strongest Viking There Is, we see Thor during the Viking Era, answering prayers for mortal, all the while brawling, drinking and womanizing. When one of his Viking followers doesn’t pray to him before a battle, Thor heeds the prays of another Viking, and decimates the follower’s army, leaving him to suffer. The Viking eventually prays to Loki, who turns the Viking into a primitive Hulk! Thor loses to the Hulk-Viking on multiple occasions, but the Hulk-Viking wants to die and Thor is able to turn him loose on Loki and sending him to the other side of the planet. Loki is humiliated and Thor is closer to becoming worthy to lift his future hammer.

I miss the days of one-shots and mini-series, and these two issues filled that need. I really enjoy the Thor/Loki stories that involve them in the past, during the days of Vikings. The thing that drew me to this story is the art! Once again, Marvel does this thing, where there is two different artist, one for the present day and one for the past story, and I really enjoy that. It elevates the issues to a higher place and shows off why comics are a great medium. While I would have preferred this to be a self-contained story, I do feel that these two issues, were set up for a future storyline, but that doesn’t take anything away from them!


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Review: Timely Comics: Drax #1

TC- Drax #1Title: Timely Comics: Drax #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cost: $3.00

Storytellers: CM Punk and Cullen Bunn (writers) with Scott Hepburn (artist)

When all of the team members leave Drax to go off and do their own things, he decides to continue his mission to kill Thanos. Rocket Raccoon, lends Drax the use of a beat-down shuttle, so that he can complete his mission, but after being attacked by space pirates, Drax crashes onto a no-name planet. Looking for a way to rebuild the ship, he runs into Terrax, a former herald of Galactus and a mystery, that involves people and items from the planet going missing. In helping a mechanic and barkeep try to find the missing things, Drax runs into something unexpected… Fin Fang Foom!

I expected very little from these series, as Drax is one of the two-dimensional Guardians members, but I must say, these series is awesome! Drax on his own, actually shines, since he’s not being over shadowed by the other Guardians. I loved the art and humor in this book and really want to know what is going on and why Fin Fang Foom is involved! I’ve always loved Marvel’s cosmic stuff and this one is up there with the best!


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Review: Timely Comics: Web-Warriors #1

TC- Web Warriors #1Title: Timely Comics: Web-Warriors #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cost: $3.00

Storytellers: Robbie Thompson and Mike Costa (writers) with David Baldeon (pencils) and Scott Hanna (inks)

Web-Spinning (se what I did there?!) out of the Spider-Verse and Secret Wars events, comes the Web-Warriors, a team of Spider-Men, er, Spider-People from different realities who protect the multiverse, especially worlds without a Spider-Man.

The series kicks into high gear right from page one and doesn’t stop. You don’t get much information about who these Spider-People are or much about the worlds they are from. Having never read Spider-Verse, I’m not sure who half of these characters are! The team is quickly forced to deal with the capture of one of their own by a team of world-hopping Electros. While not much is resolved within this Timely Comics issue, the villain in revealed and the heroes on their way to defeating the Electros.

While not being the biggest Spider-Man fan, I can’t say that this series helped me in anyway, in knowing who these Spider-People are or what they ultimately can do. Spider-Gwen seems to be the star of this series, as a lot of time is spent on her, but Spider-Man UK appears to be the team’s leader, but it doesn’t really come through. This is an interesting concept for a team, but I’m not sure how long this premise can hold out! I did not enjoy this issue, but would like some closure, eventually!



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Review: Timely Comics: Squadron Supreme #1

TC- SS 001Title: Timely Comics: Squadron Supreme #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cost: $3.00

Storytellers: James Robinson (writer), Leonard Kirk (pencils), Paul Neary (inks, issues 1 & 2) and Scott Hanna (inks, issue 3) with Frank Martin (colors).

I’ve been out of the Marvel Universe proper for some time now, and while visiting a local comic shop, I discovered these Timey Comics reprints, which collects the first three issues of a Marvel series for only $3! Three dollars for three issues, that’s a steal, especially since most Marvel issues these days are $3.99 cover price. I decided to give this issue a shot, as I’ve enjoyed the Squadron Supreme in the past and I wasn’t disappointed!

I know this series hinges on the end of Secret Wars, which I never finished, but I didn’t feel lost or confused about anything going on. I won’t spoil too much about the issue, but after the team comes together, which is made up different members from different realities, they go after one particular Marvel character and kill him. This sends one of the Avengers teams after them, which forces the team to escape to Weirdworld.

All of that action and excitement for only $3! I hope Marvel continues this trend as I will not only be picking up more Timely Comics issues, but the Squadron Supreme collection, so that I can finish this story!


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Review: Silver Surfer Volume 3- Last Days Paperback Collection

Title: Silver Surfer Volume 3- Last Days Paperback CollectionSilver Surfer Vol 3- Last Days TPB

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cost: $17.99

Storytellers: Dan Slott (writer) with Mike Allred (artist) and Laura Allred (colors)

This paperback collection contains issues 11-15 of Silver Surfer (2015). While the first three issues of this trade to connect, albeit loosely, issues 14-15 (and yes, the end of 13) mainly deal with the fallout of Secret Wars (2015). While I didn’t not finish that miniseries, you don’t really need to know much about it to understand these issues. Also, this is the first Silver Surfer collection that I’ve read in a while, so I wasn’t familiar with Dawn Greenwood or this, much beloved, series. With that said, while I probably should have started with the first volume, I really enjoyed this collection.

Now to be honest, I only grabbed this trade because someone had recommended issue #11, which involves a time-loop, and a cleaver use of panel arrangement to tell the story. You even have to “fold” a page to break the time-loop effect, saving the Silver Surfer and Dawn. It’s truly genius storytelling and needs to be seen/read to be believed. I grabbed the trade, instead of the individual issues, because it was cheaper to do so, especially on Amazon (I had a gift card). I enjoyed the other issues, but having not read the previous issues or the Secret Wars event, they didn’t stand out like the time-loop issue.

With both great art and storytelling, I definitely feel this book is…

Recommended   Now if only Hasbro or Diamond Select can give us an action figure two-pack of the Surfer and Dawn!

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Review: Spidey All-New Marvel Treasury Edition

Spidey- All-New Marvel Treasury Edition

Title: Spidey All-New Marvel Treasury Edition

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cost: $15.99

Storytellers: Spidey 1-3: Robbie Thompson (writer) with Nick Bradshaw (artist); Spider-Man 1-2: Brian Michael Bendis (writer) with Sarah Pichelli (artist).

A large image for a large collection! This is Marvel’s first Treasury Edition in years and I had to own it. I have three other Treasury Edition: two from Marvel, a Fantastic Four and a Thor, and one from IDW’s Star Trek Reboot series. I love the oversized panels, which allows for easier reading and a better look at the incredible art. This All-New Marvel Treasury Edition collects the first three issues of Spidey and the first two issues of Spider-Man. Both series are great, giving us very different tales of two very different teenaged Spider-Men. Spidey follows the early years of Peter Parker, only set in the present, while Spider-Man shows us how Miles Morales is dealing with being a Spider-Man in a new world. The Spider-Man issues don’t give us much, being only two issues, but the larger print size does give us a great view of our hero’s battle with Blackheart. The Spidey issues shine and feel like they were crafted to be told in a larger format, especially the second issue, where Peter has to go up against the Sandman. There are a lot of double-page spreads and out-of-the-normal panel placement, which is great for a Treasury Edition.

My only complaints are the paper quality and the issues chosen. While the paper is great, consisting of a standard magazine glossy style, which somehow feels thinner and more flimsy in the oversized format. I was always afraid I was going to tear or severely crease a page: definitely read this one while it is flat on a table. And while I loved the stories provided, I would have rather had all five issues be devoted to a single series. The cover and title of this Treasury Edition is title Spidey, and I would have loved to have more Spidey issues and maybe get a second Treasury Edition devoted to Spider-Man.

All-in-all, this is a great collection, if you have the room to display or care for such a large book. I love Marvel’s old Treasury Edition and hope to see them continue to publish more of them in the future. I would love to see Marvel give both Weirdworld series and the Dan Slott / Mike Allred Silver Surfer series the All-New Marvel Treasury Edition treatment!


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Monday Art Attack: Satana by Joe Jusko

Satanna by Joe Jusko

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