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Monday Art Attack: Planetary Control Room by Jack Kirby


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Monday Art Attack: Heavy Metal Magazine September 1981- Taarna


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Review: Heavy Metal Magazine #282- “Sci-Fi Special”

heavy-metal-282Title: Heavy Metal #282

Publisher: Kevin Eastman

Cost: $7.95

Storytellers: Grant Morrison (Editor-in-Chief and writer); Donny Cates (writer) with Ian Bederman (artist), Zeljko Pahek (writer and artist), Rian Hughes (artist), John Mahoney (designer), Jakub Rozalski (designer), Craig Wilson (writer and artist), Enki Bilal (creator), Leonie O’Moore (creator), Diego Agrimbau & Pietro (creators), Dwayne Harris (writer and artist), Donny Cates & Dyman Burnett (creators), Bill Sienkiewicz (creator), and Mozchops (creator).

I will not be reviewing each, individual story in this issue, but I will rather give an overview.

It has been sometime since I picked up an issue of Heavy Metal, an actually read everything within it’s pages. The last issue that I grabbed, was for an article on Jack Kirby’s Lord of Light contributions in issue #276. Once the article was read and the art absorbed, it was bag ‘n’ boarded and put away. Before that, I was in high school, some 20 years ago, and even buying the issue was a challenge, because Heavy Metal is known for it’s graphic violence and sexual content. However, since then, I have been interested in the magazine, but have never found a copy at my local comic store, instead, having to go to a Barnes & Noble to seek one out. What usual kept me from purchasing a copy, was that most of the stories inside were continuations to stories in previous issues, and I didn’t want to be lost or have part of a story. While this issue does contain stories like that, parts of a whole narrative, most of the content within this issue is self contained or art based.

I must say, that I’m definitely impressed with this issue of Heavy Metal! The issue has a theme, science-fiction, and sticks to that, providing almost a dozen tales with a sci-fi bent. There are also some cover galleries, entries in a cover contest, which are great to look at. In fact, the covers are the best part of Heavy Metal overall. I don’t mean to downplay the creators on the inside of an issue, but the covers always grabbed me, whenever I would see an issue in the “wild”. They provide me tons of ideas, which is great for a gamer, especially one who is the “Game Master” most of the time.

If you love the comic medium, especially one where any idea or art style is printed, then this is the magazine for you! I was never around for the days of the magazines, especially Marvel’s Epic Illustrated, and Heavy Metal is one of the only survivors. You get a lot of entertainment for the price of admission,  and in this day, that means something!


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