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Monday Art Attack: Scribblenauts Big Barda, Mantis, OMAC, Mister Miracle and Darkseid by MikeCogliandro

Scribblenauts Big Barda, Mantis, OMAC, Mister Miracle and Darkseid by MikeCogliandro

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Know your Roleplay- X-Men

X-Men UGLI- Cyclops, Bishop, Wolfsbane, and GambitWhile comic books are my first, great love, with in the last 15 years, I’ve become an avid tabletop roleplayer! I’ve “Game Mastered” more than I’ve played, but I’m not complaining. For those of you unfamiliar with gaming lingo, a Game Master is the person who is “controlling” the game. They create the world and act as all of the game’s NPCs, or non-player characters, be them good or bad. While I usually run Dungeons & Dragons, my current campaign just ended, so before heading into something long term, I going to run a short, maybe two session X-Men game. Usually, I let my players choose the characters they want to play, but this time I chose the characters for them, hoping to expand their horizons, by making them play someone they never would. The characters that I’ve chosen: Cyclops, Bishop, Wolfsbane and Gambit, are shown above.

What do you think about choosing your player’s characters? Have you ever roleplayed? Roleplayed anything superhero? Let me know!

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I Got Issues… with Overwatch!

Overwatch Line-Up

Overwatch is one of the most hyped games I’ve seen in a while. Every outlet, which reviews video games is giving this one perfect scores. I must admit, I too am taken by the art style, characters and animated shorts that make up the Overwatch “Universe”, but the game is far from perfect! While I normally do review video games on this blog, this heavily super-hero inspired game, definitely, is in my wheelhouse!

I like, like everyone, was introduced to the concept of Overwatch with their first animated teaser, featuring characters Tracer and Winston battling Reaper and Widowmaker in a museum. Upon seeing this trailer, I was hooked: I wanted the comic, movie, action figures, Heroclix, and animated series right then! It would take about a year for more animated shorts to come out and Blizzard, the company which created the game/IP, also created 6 digital comics, which you can read and download, for free, from their website. The link to watch or read is here.

Overwatch- Group

In May of the year, the game was released and it a smash success! As I previously stated, every gaming outlet is reviewing the game as perfect or near perfect, which it is far from. Now to be honest, competitive first-person shooters aren’t my… “thing”! I’ve never excelled at them! I also don’t play MOBAs or MMOs, so forcing me to group up with strangers is also something I’m not used to, and while I know a huge demographic love this style of game play, I find it very repetitive and very boring! I love these characters and want¬† to learn more about them and their world, but I don’t enjoy the game, and that’s my issue…there is no story in Overwatch! You learn nothing about the world or the characters in all the time you waste leveling up to earn useless, random loot. On top of that, this game is a “full priced” release on the consoles, at $60, and slightly cheaper on PC, at $40, provided you go for the base edition, WITH MICRO TRANSACTIONS! That is insulting! If you’re going to make me pay for the game, then give me everything up front. If this game was free to play, I wouldn’t complain about the very slow leveling and random loot drops, because that’s the price I pay for playing for free. Also, would it have killed them to add couch co-op, or a special couch co-op mode for the console versions. I want to play with my ACTUAL friends! I can deal with no couch co-op, but what really bothers me is no story campaign mode. This is 2016 and we can’t even get a solo campaign, which tells you the story and teaches you about each of the characters. Injustice: Gods Among Us has a fantastic story mode and it’s a fighting game…yes, A FIGHTING GAME!

All-in-all, this title is far from perfect! Everyone gave Star Wars Battlefront hell for not having a story mode and being too repetitive, but because it’s Blizzard, who only release games when the planets align, they get a pass. Because Blizzard puts time… quality time in their animated shorts, comics, art and characters, we can forgive a few missing modes and micro transactions…NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT! I love Blizzard as much as the next video game fan. While I’m not into Starcraft or World of Warcraft, I do love the Diablo series and in particular, Diablo 3, and I see how much is in that game and it makes me wonder, if Overwatch should have been delayed a bit longer to flesh out it’s offerings and make it a complete, “full priced” game! Right now, for me, it’s not Overwatch…it’s Overhype!


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Gary the Owlbear… loves grinding for loot!

... Loves grinding for Loot (natural)... Love grinding for Loot (close)

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Review: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Paperback Collection

Zelda Link to the PastTitle: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Paperback Collection

Publisher: Viz Media

Cost: $19.99

Storyteller: Shotaro Ishinomori (writer and artist)

Originally published as a twelve-part series in the pages of Nintendo Power, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, loosely retells the events of the game. Things start the same with Link receiving a telepathic message from the Princess, urging the young hero to help. On his way to the castle, Link witnesses his uncle’s death and vows to get revenge and save the Princess. Link succeeds, but Zelda is recaptured early on, and Link is blamed for her disappearance. With the help of an old wizard, Link journeys for three pendants that can unlock the Master Sword, a fabled sword of legend, the only weapon that can defeat the evil wizard Agahnim, the one who took Zelda. However, Link is not able to save Zelda, who is sent to Agahnim’s master, Ganon, in the Dark Realm. Once he regains his courage, Link is able to defeat the wizard, but is sent to the Dark Realm as well. In the Dark Realm, Link befriends a merman and a fairy and quests off to save Zelda once again. Link runs into many monsters and discovers more tools to aid his quest. Toward the end of his adventure, Link meets up with Roam, a knight of the Dark Realm who wants to defeat Ganon, but is too headstrong to align himself with Link. In the end, Link is able to save Zelda and storm Ganon’s castle, however, not before Roam gets himself killed by Ganon’s magic. Link is defeated by Ganon, but Zelda picks up Roam’s crossbow and is able to get the last shot on the demon and restore the land of Hyrule back to normal.

A few months ago, when I discovered that Viz was going to be collecting this story, I had to get it! I remember this story from, my youth, as my brother and I had a subscription to Nintendo Power. I couldn’t believe how much I remember and how well this version of the story hold up, especially since it is from 1992. While there may be more goofy parts than I like in my Link stories, it’s not really all that bad, and tells a different story than the game, along with new allies. If you too had a Nintendo Power subscription and read this tale or just want to experience a classic Zelda story, then this is the collection for you!


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Review: Hyrule Warriors (Video Game)

Wii U Hyrule Warriors Box ArtTitle: Hyrule Warriors (Video Game)

Developers: Omega Force and Team Ninja

Publishers: Koei Tecmo and Nintendo

Consoles: Wii U (soon Nintendo 3DS)

Cost: $59.99

Storytellers: Masaki Furusawa (director), Hisashi Koinuma & Yosuke Hayashi (producers), Takahiro Kawai (designer), Takanori Goshima (programmer), Mariko Hirokane (artist), Hiroyuki Numoto & Junpei Imura (writers) with Masato Koike & Yuki Matsumura (composers).

In this game, for Nintendo’s Wii U, all of the different Zelda timelines and realities are merged together, when a dark sorceress, Cia, falls for the Hero of Time, Link. Realizing that he belongs to another, she attempts to steal the Triforce and created a new world for her and Link. However, Link’s allies, the Hyrule Warriors, stand beside him as he attempts to stop her and claim the Master Sword. However, it appears that a great darkness has consumed Cia and is using the love sick sorceress to ‘it’s’ own advantage.

This is my first video game review! I know this is a comic review blog, but yesterday’s Monday Art Attack, and today’s review are a lead up to tomorrow’s review of Viz’s The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Paperback Collection. It was a comic from my childhood, so I had to get it and review it, some twenty three years later. Anyway, back to Hyrule Warriors, which is a fantastic game. It mixes up The Legend of Zelda characters with Dynasty Warriors game play, and it’s about as wonderful a combo as peanut butter and jelly! While the game play, the art and the music are all fantastic, the story gets a little odd, but that’s only because the game has no voice work, none of the character’s speak, and it really hurts the game. The characters do make noises, and since the cast of characters is mostly female, it sometimes sounds like I’m watching weird, grunting porn. Besides that, the game is great with a ton of modes and downloadable content. The main story takes place in Legend Mode and you can go back into the levels with any character you wish through Free Mode. Adventure Mode is freaking cool, as it uses the map from the 8-bit Legend of Zelda, as it’s map and when you choose a place to go, it takes you into a Hyrule Warriors level, which usually has some tricky goal, like killing hundreds of enemies in a certain time limit or defeating a bunch of bosses. I’ve only had this game for a little over a month now (yeah, I know it’s old, but I didn’t get it for Christmas, and got side tracked, but my best friend got it for me for my birthday, so better late than never) and have purchased ALL of the DLC and even got a few Amiibos, which can unlock new weapons and materials. So, before I rant on some more why this is a great game, you should just try to check it out. Rent it (if that’s still a thing) or watch some videos online to see if this is the game for you!


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Monday Art Attack: Dungeons & Ganon ‘Red Box’ by TeeKetch

Dungeons & Ganon by TeeKetch

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Review: Batman: Arkham Knight #1-3 (digital)

Batman Arkham Knight #1Title: Batman: Arkham Knight #1-3

Publisher: DC Comics (digital)

Cost: $0.99 each

Storytellers: Peter J Tomasi (writer) with Viktor Bogdanovic (pencils) and Art Thibert (inks)

Set moments after the stunning conclusion to Rocksteady’s video game, Batman: Arkham City, Batman leaves the body of the Joker on the hood of Commissioner Gordon’s patrol car and heads back into Arkham City. Batman’s going to head home for some need rest, but is stopped by the new incarnation of the Electrocutioner, whom Batman quickly defeats and leaves for Gotham’s Finest to retrieve. However, the Arkham Knight, the new, mysterious villain in Rocksteady’s upcoming video game, Batman: Arkham Knight, arrives, following Batman’s every move and kills the Electrocutioner. Batman returns to the Wayne Manor and has a long conversation with Alfred, while the doctor’s performing the autopsy on the Joker find a hidden flash drive and some Joker toxin. While Batman continues to clean up the mess that is Arkham City, as Bruce Wayne, he’s trying to convince the Wayne Enterprises Board to help fund his plan to clean up Gotham and restore the city to the way it was before the former Mayor carved it up and sold it to a mad man. The Joker has set up a message to play that he will give the person who returns his body to Harley Quinn, 100 million dollars. The Joker has also placed bombs around the city and if Batman doesn’t play his game, they will detonate, so Batman must enter the ruins of the old, shutdown Arkham Asylum, and the Arkham Knight is hot on his trail. Batman is lead into a trap set by the Joker and the Asylum explodes, but the Arkham Knight tries to save the Dark Knight, wanting to be the one to take down the Caped Crusader. The Scarecrow makes his return to Gotham and Batman survives his near brush with death and is able to make it to the morgue in time to watch Commissioner Gordon cremate the Joker’s remains and discover that the flash drive found in the Joker’s body contains his last will and testament!

Wow, that’s a huge write-up! This series is just getting started and givings us a story that is set between the two Arkham games. The art is decent and the story is good, but not what I was expecting from an Arkham comic. I loved the Arkham Unhinged series from a few years back and was hoping that this series would be more like that, but maybe I have to give it time. We still don’t know who the Arkham Knight is, but Rocksteady keeps saying that “he’s” a brand new character. I’ll believe that when I see it! I don’t know if Batman’s supposed to interact with the Arkham Knight before the events of the upcoming game or not, so it might be a bit premature to start using the character in the comics now. All-in-all, these digital first issues are not bad, especially is you play¬†Batman: Arkham City, but they might be better off saved for when the new game releases and your hype levels are higher!


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Monday Art Attack: Princess Peach vs. Koopa by Johnni Kok

Princess Peach vs. Koopa by Johnni Kok

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Monday Art Attack: Star Trek Online- The Many Enterprises of Star Trek!

STO- To Boldly Go Enterprises

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