Tales from the Bargain Bin and Review: Last of the Viking Heroes #1

last-of-the-viking-heroes-1Title: Last of the Viking Heroes #1

Publisher: Genesis West

Cost: $1.50 (cover price in 1987), I got it for free!

Storytellers: Michael Thibodeaux (writer, artist, colors and letters), Jack Kirby and Michael Thibodeaux (cover)

At some point last summer, while back home in South Jersey, my friend, LabyB, found this little gem for her boyfriend, who has a minor swords-and-sorcery comic collection.

Well, fast forward to today, when I discover that he’s “trimming-the-fat” from his collection and he gives me this issue, because he noticed that it had a cover by Jack Kirby. I thanked him for the gift and flipped though it, disappointed that it didn’t have Kirby art or story on the inside, but having just read Silver Star, and getting myself in a Kirby-mood, I decided to read this issue anyway, and boy am I glad that I did!

While Kirby only provides the cover, the story and art belong Michael Thibodeaux, a name I wasn’t familiar with. This comic has fantasy elements and takes place at the end of the Viking Era and features a group of Viking Heroes that could rival the Warriors Three. This issue sets up our heroes and their conflict and does it by telling an interesting story with interesting characters and does it in an “old-school” manner that hasn’t been seen in a while. Even though it’s not Kirby, the art really holds up and pretty darn good for the genre, feeling like a marriage between the Marvel’s Conan comics and their Epic Illustrated magazine.

I’m glad that my friend was cleaning his collection and that this little gem could have landed in my lap, because I now on the hunt for the remaining issues, because I need to know what happens to our Last Viking Heroes! 



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Monday Art Attack: He-Man and the Heroic Warriors vs the Monstroid by Earl Norem


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Review: The Caped Crusade Hardcover Novel

The Caped CrusadeTitle: The Caped Crusade- Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture Hardcover Novel

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Cost: $26.00

Writer: Glen Weldon

The Caped Crusade is the second book by Glen Weldon. His first book, Superman: The Unauthorized Biography, I reviewed here. This book follows the same basic premise, providing us with the ‘real world’ history of Batman. What makes this book different than his first, is that he uses Batman and his fans to provide a glimpse into “nerd culture” and how books originally published for kids became something that grown men obsess over.

Like his earlier Superman book, I learned many things that I didn’t know about Batman’s history and his progression through it, which includes television shows, movies and video games, as well as, and most importantly, the comics. The chapters were a bit long, being broken up into different time periods, but each chapter is then broken down into different sections, making it easy for someone, like myself, to read on a break at work or during lunch.

This book was a blast to read! I breezed through it quickly, not because I wanted to finish is, but because I was interested in Batman’s history, especially the parts that I remember. If you love comic history and/or Batman, this one should not be missed!



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Monday Art Attack: Satana by Joe Jusko

Satanna by Joe Jusko

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Monday Art Attack: Mister Miracle and Big Barda by Ramon Perez

Ramon PerezThmister-miracle_perezThese pics are all that survive (I hope hot) of a failed Mister Miracle and Big Barda non-continuity digital comic by Ramon Perez! Thanks New 52!

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