Monday Art Attack- “She’s A Wonder”, Wonder Woman by McGone. Happy Independance Day!

She's A Wonder by McGone

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Monday Art Attack (on Saturday): Happy Fourth of July!


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Monday Art Attack: May the Fourth Be With You! Darth Vader vs Doctor Doom by Alex Ross

Darth Vaader vs Doctor Doom Alex RossI’m not excatly sure why this piece of art exists, but I love it! It could be a combination of two different pieces, I don’t know and really don’t care! Who do you think would win between these two armored villains? Magic vs the Force? Super Science vs a Lightsaber?

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Monday Art Attack: Happy Holidays!


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Halloween Review: Lady Death: The Reckoning Limited Edition Hardcover Collection

Lady Death HCTitle: Lady Death: The Reckoning Limited Edition Hardcover Collection

Publisher: Chaos! Comics

Cost: $24.95

Storytellers: Brian Pulido (writer) with Steven Hughes (artist) and Jason Jensen (colors)

This hardcover collection is from the collection of my friend LadyB, who’s a huge fan of Chaos! Comics, so she let me read it for Halloween. This collection features the origin of Lady Death. We learn that before she was the Mistress of Death, Lady Death was a human girl named Hope, who suffered from the sins of the father. Her father, Matthias, was a warlord and crusader during the time of the Black Plague and slowly lead all of the men in their village to their deaths all because he needed their souls to build an army against Lucifer, so that he could become the Lord of Hell. When the people of their village discovered the truth, they killed Matthias and burned Hope at the stake. While burining, Hope made a deal with the devil and was transported to Hell. After an encounter with Lucifer and some hell hounds, Hope begins her slow transformation into Lady Death. She gains an ally in Cremator, the Blacksmith of Hell, and eventually discovers that Lucifer has been behind everything. Lady Death just wants her old life back, but Lucifer tells her it’s too late, she belongs to Hell and curses her that she cannot return to Earth until all life is gone. Lady Death vows to return to Earth, even if it means that she has to kill everyone and everything on Earth to do so!

I’ve NEVER read or collected any of the original Chaos! Comics while I was in High School. I knew of their existence, but they never appealed to me. I was, and still am, a hardcore superhero fan, and the characters of Chaos! didn’t come off as heroes at all. It would take me many years later, but I’ve read some of the Chaos! Universe, through my friend LadyB. I really enjoyed the original Evil Ernie mini-series and it’s follow up and now I can say that I enjoyed this Lady Death mini as well! The story and art definitely from the 90’s, but surprising, they still hold up today (at least in my opinion). Everything about the story and art feels like it could be from a Heavy Metal album cover or  song lyric, which is why I think that Chaos! Comics was so popular with the other comic collectors in my school (it may have also had something to do with the scantily-clad, big breasted protagonist, but what do I know). While Pulido’s story feels like it could be adapted into a D&D campaign, which I find intriguing, the real draw for me with this collection is the art…and the colors! Steven Hughes’ art fluctuates a bit during the mini-series, but overall, his art is great. There are several double splash pages that are awesome, and it’s a shame that I couldn’t find any to post and display, with my favorite being Lady Death’s father, Matthias, during one of his many battles on Earth during a snow storm. If I could find that image, without the text boxes, it would become my new laptop background. But I did say the art wasn’t the only thing I loved, but also the colors! Rarely does the colorist get any appreciation, but when they do, it’s deserving. I remember how the colors on the DC New 52 title, O.M.A.C, blew me away, and its the same here. The fires and the magical powers all pop off the page, which helps elevate the art and story to another level. The colors also help to contrast the stark white of Lady Death, who stands out on every pages she’s on. While I do review a visual medium, I’m in no way an art or colors expert, I just know what I like and what I don’t like and I know when something stands out or is different from the norm, and the colors in this collection stand out from the norm. I never expected this review of an almost 20 year old mini-series to be so long and extensive, but it just spoke to me and it’s something very different from what I usually read and review. All-in-all, this old hardcover collection is very much…


Happy Halloween! What are you doing reading this review? If you’re young enough, go get some candy and if you’re too old for that, then isn’t there some costume party you could be at? If you don’t want to do that, then maybe you should cuddle up with a scary book or watch a scary movie!


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Monday Art Attack (on Friday): Happy Independence Day!

Captain America 384Out of the years of Captain America comics, I chose this issue because not only was it the first Cap comic I picked up, but it was my first mainstream, superhero comic as well! This issue started it all…for me anyway!

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Top 5 Favorite Comic Book Couples

On this Valentine’s Day, I give you my top 5 favorite comic book couples of all time and to start things off, a newer couple…

Midnighter and Apollo5. Midnighter and Apollo

As a heterosexual male, I never thought that I would enjoy the blossoming romance between two homosexual males before, but Midnighter and Apollo changed the way I looked at romance, in general, and developed to be some of my favorite comic characters. I wish DC Comics would bring back The Authority.

Reed and Sue Richards4. Reed and Sue Richards

As a long time Fantastic Four fan, how could I not include the Richards’. It’s been a heck-of-a-ride,  reading the lives of this very public married couple. I been there, pretty much through everything that’s happened and can’t wait to be there for what’s to come.

3. Green Arrow and Black Canary

Honestly, this is probably the most dysfunctional couple of this list! Green Arrow and Black Green Arrow and Black CanaryCanary have dated, for a very long time, and were even briefly married. However, in the Post-Flashpoint DC Universe, this couple no long exists…on paper, anyway, but will always be in MY heart!

2. Big Barda and Mister Miracle

Most who know me may wonder why Big Barda and Mister Miracle are number two on this list, as Mister Miracle is my all-time favorite comic character. I love this couple, because of how odd they are. While Barda fills the traditional “male” role in the relationship, she’s still very much a woman. Scott also comes off as the traditional “female” but doesn’t always need saving (as it tends to Mister Miracle and Big Bardahappen in comics), and still comes of as a man. While I love both of these characters (as well as the rest of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World), there is another comic couple that trumps all other comic couples, in fact, they may have the longest relationship in the history of super-hero comics.

1. Superman and Lois Lane

Superman and Lois Lane- Gary FrankHow could it be any other couple? While, much like Green Arrow and Black Canary, this relationship has been dissolved from continuity thanks to Flashpoint, Lois and Clark’s love and relationship will always endure in the public subconscious. Thanks to movies and TV, Superman and Lois will always be the greatest couple in comics. This is a romance that I’ve watch blossom for almost 30 years, and much like Reed and Sue, I’ve been there through the good and the bad, but unlike Reed and Sue, I was actually alive for the Wedding of Lois and Clark. If you want the greatest comic book couple, look no further!

Superman and Lois Lane- Movie

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2013 in Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,700 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 45 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Monday Art Attack (on Wednesday): Best of Happy Holidays 2013!

Batman Arkham Origins- Happy Holidays Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon- Merry Christmas Macragge's Honor Wallpaper Supergirl and Batgirl Celebrate Christmas by Mike MaihackOK, I realize that that Warhammer 40K Horus Heresy wallpaper isn’t very Christmas-y, but it was a free download from the Black Library website on Christmas!

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Monday Art Attack: Holiday Hellboy by Mike Mignola

Holiday Hellboy

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