From Panels to Small Screen…

From Panels to the Small Screen…with the Human Target!

Human Target was an American action drama TV series that was broadcast from 2010-2011 by Fox in the United States. Based, very loosely, on the Human Target comic book, created by Len Wein and Carmine Infantino for DC Comics, it was the second series based on this title developed for television, the first TV series having been aired in 1992 on ABC. The series was officially canceled on May 10, 2011, after the conclusion of the second season.

The series follows the life of Christopher Chance (Mark Valley), a unique private contractor, bodyguard and security expert hired to protect his clients. Rather than taking on the target’s identity himself (as in the comic book version), he protects his clients by completely integrating himself into their lives, to become a “human target”. Chance is accompanied by his business partner Winston (Chi McBride) and hired gun Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley). Former client Ilsa Pucci (Indira Varma) becomes Chance’s benefactor, while experienced thief Ames (Janet Montgomery) joins the team to seek redemption. Chance puts his life on the line to find the truth behind each mission.

Guerrero, Ames, Chance, Ilsa Pucci, and Winston

I loved the premise of this series. It was equal parts detective drama, spy show and action series. I thought that all the actors had great chemistry, particularly between the male cast members. Indira’s Ilsa and Montgomery’s Ames didn’t join the cast until season 2, and I thought that they were a perfect fit. I loved the father-daughter relationship between Ames and Guerrero and the relationship between Ilsa and Chance. I think Chance and Ilsa’s relationship moved a little fast, but this could have been due to low ratings. I wish this series had made it past season 2, only to see where they would have gone. The Human Target is just another one of those TV shows, that I liked, which got canceled before its prime.

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