Convention: Hero Bot Con 2013

Hero Bot Con 2013

DPH Games LogoToday was Hero Bot Con 2013…and it was amazing! I didn’t attend the convention as a guest, I was a vendor, selling the board game “Cache Me If You Can!” Even if I wasn’t a vendor, I would have gone and had a great time. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a comic convention, maybe a year, so It was great to see what everyone in the area had to offer. We sold a few board games (and a few plush dolls) and walked the convention floor, finding lots of goodies! Cash was tight and I had a table to run, so I didn’t get everything I wanted, but the things I did get are awesome!

Mighty Avengers #1Mighty Avengers #1

I wasn’t going to try this series out, only because it’s part of the Infinity event, but wanted it because Luke Cage is one of my favorite Marvel heroes…and they were only charging $2!

Green Arrow Volume 1 TPBGreen Arrow Volume 1- Midas Touch Paperback Collection

This is a collection that I’ve wanted for a while, but just never picked it up. Usually, when I was on the lookout for something new to read, there were other things I wanted to read. Also, it didn’t hurt that it was half off cover price, making it only $7!

Mr Fantastic and Dr Doom MinimatesMr Fantastic and Dr Doom Minimates OpenMister Fantastic and Doctor Doom Minimates

This is the first thing that I picked up, because I can’t pass up anything Fantastic Four! I have the original set of FF minimates, but this new Mr. Fantastic looks awesome and Dr. Doom comes with a Doombot head. A steal for only $8!

Stuff of Legend Omnibus One HCStuff of Legend Omnibus One Hardcover Collection

The absolute, hands down, best thing I purchased was the hardcover Stuff of Legend omnibus. I’ve already read, and reviewed, volume one and loved it, so this omnibus collects volumes one and two into one collection. The one of the writers of Stuff of Legend, Mike Raicht, was present at the convention and  signed and personalized my hardcover. Raicht is an awesome guy and I wish great things for him and his fellow creators on Stuff of Legend. This was my most expensive purchase, at $30, but was well worth it (and actually what I wanted to pick up at the con).

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Review: Miss Fury- Sensational Sundays 1944-1949

Title: Miss Fury- Sensational Sundays 1944-1949

Publisher: IDW Publishing and The Library of American Comics

Cost: $49.99

Storytellers: Tarpe Mills (writer/artist- comics), Trina Robbins (editor, writer of “Miss Fury and the Very Personal Universe of Tarpe Mills”)

Miss Fury and her creator, Tarpe Mills, aren’t as widely known as Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Alan Moore or Frank Miller, but both have a place in the history of American comics.

Miss Fury- Sensational Sundays 1944-1949, opens with the history of Tarpe Mills and her creation Miss Fury, titled: “Miss Fury and the Very Personal Universe of Tarpe Mills” written by Trina Robbins, editor of this collection. This essay is a great into into the life and times of Miss Fury and Trape Mills and is a wonderful way to start off this collection.

After the essay, the stories start, with a comic strip dedicated to each over-sized page. This collection begins with strip 159 and runs until strip 351! Most of the strips are in color, with a few in black and white. For an older series, the writing is fantastic and the art is great. Tarpe Mills was a fashion designer/artist, so Marla Drake and the other female characters are always wearing elegant dresses and gowns.

While reading this, and I understand the time period it was written in, I was amazed about Tarpe Mills got away with. There’s cross-dressing, animal abuse (even violent death), abuse to woman (mostly from men), veiled sexual elements, even ‘possible’ adultery! Marla Drake, as a single woman of only 22 years, even adopts a child. I was also surprised to discover that Miss Fury, herself is barely in these strips, as Marla only adopts the costume when necessary. Hell, there were strips where even Marla doesn’t make an appearance, some even in a row…that’s almost a month without the main character.

While it can be a long read, I fully recommend this collection! If you’re at all interested in the affairs of one of the first woman superheroes or the life of one of the first woman comic creators, then grab this book, it’s well worth its price!

Here’s a sample page of one of the strips…Enjoy!

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C.H.U.D Haul!!

I grabbed a bunch of stuff at this year’s C.H.U.D! Here’s what I got:

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Convention: South Jersey C.H.U.D Comic-Con 14

If you’re in (or near) South Jersey and want a great comic convention, look no further than C.H.U.D! C.H.U.D stands for Comics Here Under a Dollar. I’ve been to several past C.H.U.D.s and can tell you no comic is priced more than a dollar, most are even less. South Jersey C.H.U.D. Comic-Con 14 is being held at the Holiday Inn on Route 70 East in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The hours run from 10am to 4pm and admission is $1.00 ( or free for children under 10). Here is a PDF of the flyer and here is the main link to the main site. I’ll be going…will you?!

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