Review: Timely Comics: Web-Warriors #1

TC- Web Warriors #1Title: Timely Comics: Web-Warriors #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cost: $3.00

Storytellers: Robbie Thompson and Mike Costa (writers) with David Baldeon (pencils) and Scott Hanna (inks)

Web-Spinning (se what I did there?!) out of the Spider-Verse and Secret Wars events, comes the Web-Warriors, a team of Spider-Men, er, Spider-People from different realities who protect the multiverse, especially worlds without a Spider-Man.

The series kicks into high gear right from page one and doesn’t stop. You don’t get much information about who these Spider-People are or much about the worlds they are from. Having never read Spider-Verse, I’m not sure who half of these characters are! The team is quickly forced to deal with the capture of one of their own by a team of world-hopping Electros. While not much is resolved within this Timely Comics issue, the villain in revealed and the heroes on their way to defeating the Electros.

While not being the biggest Spider-Man fan, I can’t say that this series helped me in anyway, in knowing who these Spider-People are or what they ultimately can do. Spider-Gwen seems to be the star of this series, as a lot of time is spent on her, but Spider-Man UK appears to be the team’s leader, but it doesn’t really come through. This is an interesting concept for a team, but I’m not sure how long this premise can hold out! I did not enjoy this issue, but would like some closure, eventually!



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Monday Art Attack: Masters of the Universe X Thundercats by Freddie E Williams II

Masters of the Universe X Thundercats by Freddie E Williams II

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Review: Timely Comics: Squadron Supreme #1

TC- SS 001Title: Timely Comics: Squadron Supreme #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cost: $3.00

Storytellers: James Robinson (writer), Leonard Kirk (pencils), Paul Neary (inks, issues 1 & 2) and Scott Hanna (inks, issue 3) with Frank Martin (colors).

I’ve been out of the Marvel Universe proper for some time now, and while visiting a local comic shop, I discovered these Timey Comics reprints, which collects the first three issues of a Marvel series for only $3! Three dollars for three issues, that’s a steal, especially since most Marvel issues these days are $3.99 cover price. I decided to give this issue a shot, as I’ve enjoyed the Squadron Supreme in the past and I wasn’t disappointed!

I know this series hinges on the end of Secret Wars, which I never finished, but I didn’t feel lost or confused about anything going on. I won’t spoil too much about the issue, but after the team comes together, which is made up different members from different realities, they go after one particular Marvel character and kill him. This sends one of the Avengers teams after them, which forces the team to escape to Weirdworld.

All of that action and excitement for only $3! I hope Marvel continues this trend as I will not only be picking up more Timely Comics issues, but the Squadron Supreme collection, so that I can finish this story!


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Review: Star Trek New Visions Special- The Cage

ST-NV-CageTitle: Star Trek New Visions Special- The Cage

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Cost: $7.99

Storytllers: Gene Roddenberry (episode writer) with John Byrne (writer and photo manipulator)

This special issue of Star Trek New Visions is a reproduction of the entire pilot for Star Trek. This issue is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. John Byrne uses stills from the original series to tell new, unique tales, but this time he has completely retold the pilot episode, The Cage.

For those not familiar with Star Trek, the original pilot featured a different captain, second-in-command and doctor than what we know about the crew of the USS Enterprise. The only constant is Spock, who made it from the original pilot to series proper.

I love original Star Trek, and I especially love this series, as it feels as though I am getting brand new episodes of a long ended series. This issue is long, but allows me to go back and see the crew of the Enterprise that could have been!


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Review: Spidey All-New Marvel Treasury Edition

Spidey- All-New Marvel Treasury Edition

Title: Spidey All-New Marvel Treasury Edition

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cost: $15.99

Storytellers: Spidey 1-3: Robbie Thompson (writer) with Nick Bradshaw (artist); Spider-Man 1-2: Brian Michael Bendis (writer) with Sarah Pichelli (artist).

A large image for a large collection! This is Marvel’s first Treasury Edition in years and I had to own it. I have three other Treasury Edition: two from Marvel, a Fantastic Four and a Thor, and one from IDW’s Star Trek Reboot series. I love the oversized panels, which allows for easier reading and a better look at the incredible art. This All-New Marvel Treasury Edition collects the first three issues of Spidey and the first two issues of Spider-Man. Both series are great, giving us very different tales of two very different teenaged Spider-Men. Spidey follows the early years of Peter Parker, only set in the present, while Spider-Man shows us how Miles Morales is dealing with being a Spider-Man in a new world. The Spider-Man issues don’t give us much, being only two issues, but the larger print size does give us a great view of our hero’s battle with Blackheart. The Spidey issues shine and feel like they were crafted to be told in a larger format, especially the second issue, where Peter has to go up against the Sandman. There are a lot of double-page spreads and out-of-the-normal panel placement, which is great for a Treasury Edition.

My only complaints are the paper quality and the issues chosen. While the paper is great, consisting of a standard magazine glossy style, which somehow feels thinner and more flimsy in the oversized format. I was always afraid I was going to tear or severely crease a page: definitely read this one while it is flat on a table. And while I loved the stories provided, I would have rather had all five issues be devoted to a single series. The cover and title of this Treasury Edition is title Spidey, and I would have loved to have more Spidey issues and maybe get a second Treasury Edition devoted to Spider-Man.

All-in-all, this is a great collection, if you have the room to display or care for such a large book. I love Marvel’s old Treasury Edition and hope to see them continue to publish more of them in the future. I would love to see Marvel give both Weirdworld series and the Dan Slott / Mike Allred Silver Surfer series the All-New Marvel Treasury Edition treatment!


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Thought Balloon: Marvelous News!

Victor Von Doom is the Infamous Iron Man by Alex Maleev

The truth is lately, well actually in the past few years, I haven’t been reading that much from Marvel Comics. Oh, I enjoy the movies, but I don’t enjoy the ‘mainstream’ publisher’s need for events and crossovers every other month just to make sales. Marvel is the worst, as they are always ending series’ after a few issues in order to restart the same title with the All-New, All-Different header, but with the same creative team. It doesn’t make much sense to me. I get that we live in world where long standing series’ are done and that EVERY series gets restarted, and I don’t mind it, as long as when you do so, it’s accompanied by a status quo change or a new creative team. Marvel isn’t to only one guilty, DC does this as well, but they tend to reboot their entire line instead of one title at a time.

Once the Marvel title, Fantastic Four, was canceled, I was gone. The FF are my favorite team and heroes of the Marvel U and when they disappeared because of the movies, I was fed up! I’m still upset that the comics have to take an back seat to the movies, but that is where the money is made and it is what is keeping the comics alive, so I’ll put up with it. Recently, I did get into a new Marvel series, Weirdworld. I enjoyed the Secret Wars mini-series (mostly because it was self-contained) and the now canceled (I think, as no new issues have been solicited or released since issue #6) ongoing. The story added superheroes to a fantasy world with some technology and I loved it! The story was great, but the art is what drew me in…I was hooked! On a side note, Marvel, if you are reading this (which you aren’t), please release both Weirdworld series in your recently resurrected Treasury Edition! Anyway, while I was enjoying a new Marvel title, it wasn’t a traditional superhero story and didn’t connect to their main universe, and once the ongoing was ended, I was done once again.

That is until this week, when Marvel made several announcements about new ongoing titles. While the first Iron Man news got most of the attention, it was the new Iron Man title, Infamous Iron Man, that interested me the most. Doctor Doom as an Iron Man sounds very interesting and I can’t wait to see where this title goes and what happens to Doom because of it. The other title is Unworthy Thor, where the Odinson, which is the name Thor goes by now, ever since he became unworthy to lift his hammer and Jane Foster became Thor, wishes to see if he is worthy once more, but not by taking the hammer away from Jane, but tracking down the hammer of Ultimate Thor, who was killed during Secret Wars. This sounds awesome…the kind of stuff I love from comics, a hero traversing the unknown to reclaim his power and place in the world. I will definitely be picking up these two titles, when they release, and will hopefully be bringing you reviews once they are available.

So, are you excited by these new titles? Let me know and as a parting gift, the Unworthy Thor promotional cover, enjoy!

Unworthy Thor by Olivier Coipel

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Monday Art Attack- 1990’s Style X-Men

90's X-Men

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Know your Roleplay- X-Men

X-Men UGLI- Cyclops, Bishop, Wolfsbane, and GambitWhile comic books are my first, great love, with in the last 15 years, I’ve become an avid tabletop roleplayer! I’ve “Game Mastered” more than I’ve played, but I’m not complaining. For those of you unfamiliar with gaming lingo, a Game Master is the person who is “controlling” the game. They create the world and act as all of the game’s NPCs, or non-player characters, be them good or bad. While I usually run Dungeons & Dragons, my current campaign just ended, so before heading into something long term, I going to run a short, maybe two session X-Men game. Usually, I let my players choose the characters they want to play, but this time I chose the characters for them, hoping to expand their horizons, by making them play someone they never would. The characters that I’ve chosen: Cyclops, Bishop, Wolfsbane and Gambit, are shown above.

What do you think about choosing your player’s characters? Have you ever roleplayed? Roleplayed anything superhero? Let me know!

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Review: X-O Manowar #40

X-O Manowar #40Title: X-O Manowar #40

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Cost: $3.99

Storytellers: Robert Venditti (writer) with Rafael Sandoval (artist)

As this issue begins, we are taken back a year or so to the Vine Invasion of Earth, before the “Planet Death” storyline, where two Vine Plantlings rescue Commander Trill after his defeat. In the present, Capshaw places Aric in command of the situation and forces the military planes to land. The Vine and Visigoths face off against the US Air Force in a stalemate, as Aric stands between both armies, trying to calm the situation. What all but the Vine are away of is that the rest of their fleet in on it’s way to Earth. Elsewhere, Commander Trill, living underground becomes aware of the Vine Fleet and wants to spark war between the humans and the Vine refugees, so he contacts his Plantling within the US Military and tells the soldier to start World War 3. So the Plantling soldier takes his sniper rifle and places his scope over Shana, as she tends to the wounds of the Vine refugees!

Another great issue of X-O Manowar, where we see Aric is stuck between three worlds and must juggle his responsibilities between all three. He wants to protect his people and take care of the Vine, who see him as a religious icon and stand with the military as a secret weapon of the government. I can’t wait to see what happens once the Vine Fleet arrives and Trill makes his move. I really hope Shana makes it out alive, as she’s a very interesting side character in this title…and she JUST became Queen for crying out loud! A great issue with both a great story and great art, so this one is…


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Review: Imperium #8

Imperium #8Title: Imperium #8

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Cost: $3.99

Storytellers: Joshua Dysart (writer) with Scot Eaton (artist)

After being temporal displaced by Divinity, Harada attempts to read the god-like Russian’s mind and project thoughts and images of his family in order to calm him, but this fails as Divinity sees through the guise. However, this disruption sends Harada back into regular time, although at the moment when the PRS sub he was on was sinking. Harada and his team make it off the sub, as well as Kozol, who slinks away back to the safety of Project Rising Spirit. After the fiasco of trying to rescue “Broken Angel”, Gravedog wants to leave Harada’s team, but he is able to convince the former H.A.R.D Corp commander to stay, because he has the technology to give him his powers back without the need for Lifeline. In the end, Harada’s various allies head off to their quarters and labs. This brings us to Sunlight on Snow, who reveals a hidden PRS soldier within his chest cavity. As a medical droid, he saved the young woman and healed her back to moderate health, unbeknownst to anyone else. He plans on releasing her once she’s fully healed, but what Sunlight doesn’t realize is that she’s Vine plantling, there to spy on PRS, but is now within the inner sanctum of Harada’s Foundation Zone! In the end, Harada learns about the Divinity incident but this time decides not to act against him, hoping to woe the god-like being to his side…eventually!

Holy, crap a fantastic issue of Imperium! We get a wrap up to the Broken Angel storyline and Harada’s encounter with Divinity and see the beginnings of the next storyarc, involving the Vine. While I’ll admit that this series isn’t my favorite from Valiant, but this issue is fantastic and shows why Valiant is the greatest publisher of comic books today! There is so much going on in this one issue, it’s absolutely mind-blowing. We spend time with Harada, Divinity, Sunlight on Snow, Gravedog and Kozol…that’s a lot of characters to deal with in one single issue. While this issue if great, it’s built upon the entire series thus far, so this particular issue isn’t a great choice for newcomers. A great story with good art, this issue is definitely…


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