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Store Review AND Tales from the Bargain Bin…Crossroad Comics & Collectables

Crossroad Comics & CollectablesIt’s been a while since I’ve done a Tales from the Bargain Bin and I’ve never done a comic store review, but now I’ve got a chance to do both in one review.

So last weekend, my friend, LadyB, and I went back home, to South Jersey, because she had a wedding and I had a family event to deal with, and we got to stop at several of our favorite places, like the Berlin Farmer’s Market, All Things Fun, and The House of Fun. While driving though Pitman, NJ, we discovered that there was a new comic store, one that wasn’t there before we moved to NY. It was open and not busy, so we decided to stop in and give the store a shot.

First off, I must say that the store was well organized, uncluttered and well stocked, especially with back issues and dollar comics. The store has a lot of Star Wars Power of the Force figures and a decent, but small selection of new comics. Also, they had comic boxes, in both sizes, and bags and boards for really good prices. I needed a new longbox, so I grab one of those and two comics from the $0.50 rack, as I didn’t need any new books. I was able to pick up two old school Valiant comics, one that I had been searching for, for some time now, and the other I had never read back in the day, and was more than glad to read it now. My friend, also got some $0.50 books and even picked me up a complete, vintage Star Wars Bossk for my birthday. I love the layout of the story, because everywhere I turned, there was something drawing my attention…if only I had more money to spend on comics and collectables! Next time I’m back home, I’m definitely stopping by again, as the store had a great atmosphere and the owner/manager was very friendly and nice.

X-O Manowar DatabaseAs for the two bargain bin comics I picked up, they are both very awesome, as long as youEW Yearbook #1 enjoy the classic Valiant Universe. The first title I grab, I have been looking for, for the past few years. The X-O Manowar Database originally came in the X-O Manowar Paperback Collection, but as I got mine second hand in a bargain bin, I never got this issue…until now! It’s a very quick read, having only 8-10 pages, but it gives so much information on the Shanhara armor, that it’s great. It may be out of date now, seeing as how the Valiant Universe has been rebooted, but it’s still an interesting read. The second issue that I picked up is the Eternal Warrior Yearbook #1. This stand-alone issue features a good story, giving us several flashbacks into Gilad’s past, and involves the Geomancers and their powers. I feel that the story still holds up, but those unfamiliar with the classic Valiant U won’t understand the Geomancer’s abilities.

All-in-all, these issues were great, and I only spent $1.00, total, on them, so even if there were horrible, I wasn’t out too much. So the moral of this story is, stop by new comic shops, as you never know how good (or bad) they are and what you will find inside. Always shop the bargain bins, that’s where some of the best treasures lie!

RecommendedFor both the comics and the comic store!


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