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Blogs of Future Past: Man of Steel Week!

The movie, Man of Steel, releases on June 14th and to celebrate it’s release (considering that I’m totally hyped over this movie), I’ll be posting a bunch of Superman related post during the week it releases. So far I have the following planned:


Superman: Brainiac Attacks Animated Movie

Superman: Unbound Animated Movie

Superman: Secret Identity Paperback Collection

Superman: Birthright Paperback Collection

Action Comics Volume 1: Superman and the Men of Steel Hardcover Collection

Action Comics Volume 2: Bulletproof Hardcover Collection

Man of Steel, yes my movie review and I hope to have it post on the day of the films release!

I also have several pictures posting that reveal: Superman’s symbol throughout the ages, Superman Secret History and Superman’s various outfits! As I discover/review more Superman related pictures and comics, I may add them as well.


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