Review: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers 2016 Annual #1

MMPR 2016 Annual Cover ATitle: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers 2016 Annual #1

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Cost: $7.99

Storytellers: Jorge Corona, James Kochalka, Trey Moore, Ross Thibodeaux, Kyle Higgins, and Marguerite Bennett (writers) with Jorge Corona, James Kochalka, Terry Moore, Rob Guillory, Rod Reis, Huang Danlan and Goni Montes (artists)

Yes, I’m a Power Rangers fan! While I haven’t seen an episode in years and have no idea about the current season of Power Rangers, I was really into the original team. I love the concept of sentai, which means team or force, and is the genre that Power Rangers belongs to.

I’ve been aware of this series, but new really found the issues on the shelves and decided to wait for the collection, which I will review. However, when I heard about this Annual, I thought it might be fun to pick it up and see if this will be something that I will enjoy, and I must say, it really, really enjoyed this issue!

This oversized, and a bit pricey, issue is an anthology, featuring multiple short tales, all with fantastic art, but a mix of serious, strange and just fun stories.MMPR 2016 Annual ToC

This issues gives us separate stories about the Red and Yellow Rangers, a Goldar origin tale, the adventures of Bulk and Skull, as they save the Power Rangers, a love-stricken Putty and a Megazord battle. As I said, tales that are all over the place, but are fantastic for Power Rangers fans! There is certainly enough in here to warrant it’s $8 price tag, which makes this issue…


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