Review: The Mighty Thor #6 & #7- The Strongest Viking There Is

The Mighty Thor #6The Mighty Thor #7Titles: The Mighty Thor #6 & #7

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cost: $3.99 each

Storytellers: Jason Aaron (writer) with Russell Dauterman (artist, present day) and Rafa Garres (artist, Viking era)

While working with his new ally in Roxxon Oil, Loki tells Dario Agger a story, from the age of Vikings! In The Strongest Viking There Is, we see Thor during the Viking Era, answering prayers for mortal, all the while brawling, drinking and womanizing. When one of his Viking followers doesn’t pray to him before a battle, Thor heeds the prays of another Viking, and decimates the follower’s army, leaving him to suffer. The Viking eventually prays to Loki, who turns the Viking into a primitive Hulk! Thor loses to the Hulk-Viking on multiple occasions, but the Hulk-Viking wants to die and Thor is able to turn him loose on Loki and sending him to the other side of the planet. Loki is humiliated and Thor is closer to becoming worthy to lift his future hammer.

I miss the days of one-shots and mini-series, and these two issues filled that need. I really enjoy the Thor/Loki stories that involve them in the past, during the days of Vikings. The thing that drew me to this story is the art! Once again, Marvel does this thing, where there is two different artist, one for the present day and one for the past story, and I really enjoy that. It elevates the issues to a higher place and shows off why comics are a great medium. While I would have preferred this to be a self-contained story, I do feel that these two issues, were set up for a future storyline, but that doesn’t take anything away from them!


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